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Best Hospital for Muscular dystrophy treatment in india

Stem Cell Therapy for dmd

Duchenne muscular dystrophy develops during pregnancy as a result of a defect in the X - linked gene. This form of Muscular Dystrophy affects only males and is either transferred from generation to generation or caused by a new genetic variant. Cell nuclei of females are made up of two X-chromosomes. When a gene mutation exists on one X-leg, chromosome's the replicated leg on the other X-chromosome provides backup genetic material. Girls should not suffer the effects of DMD as a result of this extra X.

The best hospital for muscular dystrophy treatment in India is Dr Rajput's Stem Cell Research Center. With case numbers rising regularly, our organization's relevance has grown to the point that we are today. The advocacy network is made up of patients, parents, doctors, scientists, volunteers, and everyone else who is involved in improving the situation and actively contributing to those who are affected. The doctors here, have a multidisciplinary approach towards patients to help in understanding and curing the root causes of this degenerative disorder. The therapy is explained completely to the people who are opting for this and therefore consent is acquired. Furthermore, the treatment is performed sequentially. The recovery process just after the treatment is observed closely to administer further steps. The experts working here work in a fantastic spirit and has so far been able to bring smiles on a lot of patients' face.