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Best Hospital for Muscular dystrophy treatment in Mumbai

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Therapy in Mumbai

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a muscle disorder that causes muscle wasting that worsens over time. DMD mainly affects men, but it can affect women in extreme circumstances. It causes gradual weakening and deterioration (atrophy) of both structural and cardiovascular muscle. Early symptoms can include problems learning to sit, stand, or walk, as well as difficulties learning to talk. Muscle fatigue is most evident in infancy. By their early adolescence, the majority of children with DMD are using a wheelchair. Heart and lung issues may also start in adolescence and progress to severe, existing complications. DMD is affected by genetic variations in the gene (DNA variants).

The best hospital for muscular dystrophy treatment in Mumbai is Dr Rajput's Stem Cell Research Center. Their comprehensive recovery plans by the best care practitioners who take their job seriously would allow you to concentrate on relieving and healing from any symptom. Aside from that, attempting to maintain one-on-one interaction with the client makes this process more personalized and promising. This condition can be a difficult condition to comprehend, and you should be aware of the procedures that would be used to handle you. This treatment is sequentially explained to you concerning the other considerations and questions asked by the individual, resulting in a very smooth operation of therapy.