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Stem Cell Therapy in dmd

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or stem cell therapy in dmd is primarily known as an inherited pediatric muscle disorder with a progressive-degenerative myopathy that can be spotted through muscle wasting and potential weakness. This can be a reason for the loss of motor functions during puberty to be as severe as premature death. This can be marked on the scale of severity based upon the kind of muscles affected. Initially, the consumption of certain steroids could have been a possible solution.

But with time and effort, medical science has come up with another effective way. Recently, it has been proven that it is advisable to use stem cell therapy in dmd as it is one of the most effective treatments to regenerate the dysfunctional areas of muscle. This is not only promising but also one of the treatments that can prove out to be beneficial in the long run which hence will also help cell lineage. Talking of this, one of the most trusted hands with stem cell therapy in Muscular Dystrophy has been Rajput’s Stem Cell Research Centre. Dystrophin is a crucial protein component that on being absent in dmd males can cause muscle dysfunction. Our precision with the treatment includes the transfusion of cord blood mesenchymal stem cells containing dystrophin. Our stem cell therapy in India has proved out to give commendable results. Observation during the accurate and continuous monitoring of our patients has also shown the halting of the progressiveness of Muscular Dystrophy during the treatment. We would never want someone to be dependable on something to walk around and that is how we dedicate our time and efforts to curing the ailments !

stem cell therapy in dmd

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