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Best treatment for muscular dystrophy in delhi

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy, referred to as MD, is one of thirty hereditary disorders that cause bone deformity, progressive muscular weakening. It is a problem that involves defective or damaged muscle development in the body. Regenerative medicine for this syndrome has achieved impressive real benefits after decades of intensive testing.

Since these units are in their early stages of growth, they can turn into any kind of cells and experience replication and reconstruction, repairing weakened clusters or replacing them with functional cell bodies. We have regenerative medicine for muscular dystrophy and can provide muscle strength proteins as well as a reservoir.

However, since the therapy is still in the early stages of execution, it needs a trained team of seasoned stem cell specialists, and Dr Rajput's Stem Cell Research Center is your solution for Muscular Dystrophy treatment in delhi. A team of experienced medical practitioners, healthcare and surgical laboratory outfitted with the appropriate advanced equipment, and 24hr expert monitoring ensure the ideal setting for this treatment, making Dr Rajput's Stem Cell Research Center a major player in the diagnosis of this muscle disease.