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Best treatment for muscular dystrophy in India

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a neurological and muscular condition. It is usually inherited and diagnosed between the ages of two and three. DMD typically manifests itself first in the elbows and abdomen.


The best cure is Muscular dystrophy best treatment in India which can be determined by the condition you have and how far it has progressed through the body. To control your present symptoms and avoid further injury, you will most likely be given a recovery plan that involves a mixture of medications and counselling. The treatment focuses on treating the effects of DMD as well as the complications that result from extreme progressive muscle fatigue and deterioration. The strength and functioning of muscles can be improved by medication (such as steroids).


The best way to avoid further muscle degeneration is to develop minimum freedom. As a result, physical exercise is highly accepted for those suffering from DMD. Physical therapy may assist you or your child in concentrating your attention on the various muscle groups impacted by the disorder. This therapy will help you gain confidence over time.

Prescribed medication

Pain medication may be prescribed, but there is no treatment for the condition. Since the heart and respiratory muscles will fail as a result of muscular dystrophy, respiratory treatment may be required at some point.

Surgical procedure

If you have muscular dystrophy and have sciatica, you will need surgery to improve your spinal alignment. To straighten your spine to avoid further injury, a surgeon will fuse your vertebrae.

Dr Rajput's Stem Cell Research Center had earned the reputation of providing stem cell therapies for treating dmd patients all over India. For muscular dystrophy, we do plenty for you in stem cell therapy. Although this is a multi-disciplinary and highly complex therapy in the effort to note any improvement as the organism responds to tissue engineering, we recognise that the happiness of customers/patients is something that has to be dealt with.