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Treatment Cell for Muscular dystrophy in Stem - Mumbai

Stem Cell Therapy in dmd

The most prevalent and severe type of muscular dystrophy is Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Every one of the 3500 boys was born mostly with a condition, which is often lethal. Until currently, there was no hope also that the disease's extensive muscle degradation could be treated. The promise is now available thanks to stem cell therapy. DMD, like other degenerative diseases, is caused by the lack of cells that are essential for the body's proper functioning. In the case of DMD, a key muscle protein is mutated, and its removal causes gradual decay of almost all of the muscle system.

To start thinking of treatment for this disease, we need to replenish the stock of stem cells that contain the missing protein that is missing in DMD. These cells must be distributed to the body in such a manner that they engraft in the tissues and continue to develop fresh, stable muscle cells. Dr Rajput’s Stem Cell Research Centre is one of the best medical firms existing in India which happens to provide you with the best treatment Cell for muscular dystrophy in Stem Mumbai. We appreciate the difficulty you face in selecting the right and most effective cure for your loved one. We understand this struggle and, as a result, we have selected the right muscular dystrophy therapy strategy that can provide good effects and significant outcomes by careful study and selection. Our stem cell researchers in India are constantly working to improve clinical approaches and combine treatments to achieve improved outcomes.